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It is daunting to be faced with a plain square of fabric, no instructions and a new baby we created the Doublewrap™ because it really works.

  • Easy to use every time.
  • Helps parents to wrap consistently.
  • The only wrap your baby will need for sleeping.
  • Designed to stay wrapped while sleeping.
  • Large size means baby wonĄŻt grow out of it.

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The Doublewrap™ is designed with numbers on it to guide parents and carers to wrap their baby the same way every time. The fixed inner layer keeps baby securely wrapped minimising the effects of their "startle reflex". A baby when wrapped securely for sleep is more likely to settle into a dependable sleeping pattern that makes life more peaceful for all.

We recommend starting with two Doublewraps, one on the baby and one in the wash.

The Doublewrap is used at every sleep and nap time so you don't want to be left short.

TWO Doublewraps will cost you $89.90 plus $8.00 postage.

Make life easy for yourself!



• 100% cotton knit
• 140cm wide
• newborn to six months

• An Australian Innovation
• $44.95 each
• Essential to your baby starter kit

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